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Happiness is found in helping others

In the vibrant student life at Mithibai College (Autonomous), YAMI students add the brightest color!!!
YAMI (Young Ambassadors of Mithibai) are role models to other students. YAMI comprises of students who feel passionately for the institute and are able to share their knowledge and experience to motivate and encourage other young people. They are current students who act as ambassadors of the college to the outside community. At Mithibai College (Autonomous) YAMI students are led by example by answering admission-related queries of parents and students. As ambassadors for Mithibai College, YAMI students help prospective students learn more about the college as well as their programme of choice. Students helping other students are a powerful technique.
YAMI students thus get an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience-develop skills in preparation for their future career, build confidence, leadership ability and encourage personal development, whilst greatly enhancing the student experience.


  • Commitment, perseverance and reliability
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good communication skills – particularly listening
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • A positive approach
  • Ability to be open-minded
  • A good sense of humour
For the Orientation held this year for FY students of Batch 2022-2023, the YAMI Committee members were an intricate part of making the orientation successful and memorable.  YAMI students were an active part of the organizing the event such as maintaining discipline in the audience, in conducting games for the freshers alongside expanding YAMI committee with enrolling new volunteers for the current academic year.
With the commencement of the new academic year, our committee with the newly joined volunteers rebranded our logo redefining the vision YAMI holds for its members and fellow Mithibaites.  
As the first activity of this academic year, YAMI initiated a collection drive accepting groceries and food items and collected around 80kg of groceries and food items.  YAMI volunteers played an active part in reaching out to the students and in setting up the collection counter. Our collection drive received donations from more than 100 Mithibai Students and Faculty. The proceedings of the collection drive were donated to two NGOs – Snehasadan that provides a home and a future for homeless street children and Manav Jeevan Seva Trust that works towards the welfare of tribal community kids.