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The Economic Transcript
The Economic Transcript (TET) is an initiative launched by the students of Mithibai College in 2016, by pioneers Adityapal Singh Jaggi, Ayush Jain and Dev Shah. We connect readers and writers across the globe over worldly affairs through our monthly E-Magazine, daily WordPress Blog and our social media handles.

With an ever-increasing subscriber base of 2500+ readers, we release our e-magazine on the 10th of every month. Our website attracts thousands of visitors every week. We officially hit 550k+ views on our blog site in November 2022.

The committee functions within the Economics Department of Mithibai College of Arts, under the guidance of Mrs. Bidisha Sarkar. The Economic Transcript is currently headed by Manasi Varwandkar, who is the Editor-In-Chief for the academic session 2022-23.

TET empowers people by giving them the opportunity to self-learn, by enabling them to write articles on relevant topics in the fields of economics, finance, politics, business, technology, society, environment and more.We also enjoy an ever-growing follower base on our social media handles, where we post consistent current affairs updates.

1. The Economic Transcript (TET) organized an online blogging and content writing session on Effective Communication Skills for its writers and editors with Mr. Nikhil Kamath on 30th August.
Mr. Kamath gave a talk on communication and storytelling, using real-life examples and a slideshow to illustrate his points. He emphasized the importance of knowing your audience and your own strengths, as well as the importance of a clear call to action in a storyline. He also gave advice on how to handle difficult topics such as politics and religion in writing, and how to overcome writer's block.
2. On January 4th, 2023, The Economic Transcript (TET) held its largest-ever event with the biggest footfall yet, The Judgement Day, at the Juhu Jagruti Hall under the leadership of Manasi Varwandkar, who is the current Editor-In-Chief (EIC) of TET. The event was judged by Mr. Sankalp Meshram, an award-winning film editor with five National Awards, and Mr. Anish Saha, Sales and Marketing Manager at XIRCLS - Collaborative Marketing Network.
The objective of The Judgement Day event was to provide a platform for participants to showcase their innovative ideas for leading a planet as the supreme leader. The event aimed to foster creativity and strategic thinking among the participants, as well as to provide a unique opportunity for networking and learning from industry experts.
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