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Mentor's Message
Mithibai College has always remained committed to the spirit of developing and sharing knowledge, true to the vision of the college. The powerful e-learning resources and the cutting edge infrastructural backing expedite the practice of pedagogy, cultural and athletic activities. The faculty and students reach out qualitatively and quantitatively to the deserving in society through several outlets. The many recognitions that the college received are ample testaments to the contributions made by the college to the society at many levels. On the academic arena, the faculty and students are realigning themselves in research endeavours. This is being done particularly through FIST (Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology) grant received from the Government of India, and the college is moving ahead with concrete plans to further strengthen the research base and culture. The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) STAR College Grant received by the college, is intended to further the cause of science and to provide the undergraduate students with the necessary technical skills for the same. The objectives of this realign-ment towards research across all the faculties is in keeping with the rapidly evolving research scenario across the world and the call is to engage in greater interdisciplinary effort in research. This would lead to more fruitful and productive results in knowledge generation, education and teaching. The exponential growth in the use of technology in the aid of education is recognized and practised extensively in Mithibai College.
In the way ahead, the imperatives are many and one of them is a progression towards being an Autonomous college, exercising independent control over daily operations and curriculum. The conferring of  “The Best College Award” in urban area, on Mithibai College is an acknowledgment of the readiness of our institution to take on the new endeavour. This would lead to manifesting our vision completely and further substantiat-ing our position as a major college in the city and the country. The students are provided with the tools, technological and otherwise, to continue learning and growing long after they leave the institution.
I hope that the faculty and staff shall not be complacent with the accolades received by the college and that they will move “Higher and Still Higher” true to the motto of Mithi-bai College.
I would like to wish the faculty and students the best while they make this paradigmatic shift into a more independent and empowered phase of transacting education further, with Autonomy.

Shri. Sunandan Divatia,
Mentor, Mithibai College
Honorary Secretary