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Finance Committee

List of Committee members as per Government of India Gazette dated 12th February, 2018



The Principal (Chairman) 

Dr.Rajpal Shripat Hande(2018-2020) 

Prof. Krutika Desai (2020 onwards) 


One person to be nominated by the Governing Body of the college for a period of two years. 

Mr. Nilesh Mohile 


Finance Officer of the affiliating University 

Mr. Sanjay Shah against Finance Officer of the Affiliating University – 2018-19 and  

Mrs.Madhavi Ingole from 2019-20 

Dr. (CA) P. D. Kamthekar  

Ex. Officio I/C Finance officer University of Mumbai 2020-2021 


One senior most teacher of the college to be nominated in rotation by the Principal for two years 

Dr. Anil Singh 

  • Finance Committee Minutes 2018-19
  • Finance Committee Minutes 2019-20
  • Finance Committee Minutes 2020-21