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Examination Details
  • Credit Based Evaluation System
  • Granting Of Semester
  • Examination Guidelines
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Scheme of Examination

The performance of the learners shall be evaluated into two components. The learner’s performance shall be assessed by Internal Assessment with 25% marks in the first component by conducting the Semester End Examinations with 75% marks in the second component. The allocation of marks for the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examinations are as shown below:

a) Internal Assessment – 25%(25 Marks)– Revised scheme

b) Semester End Examinations – 75%(75 Marks)Revised Scheme

Ordinance 0.125
To keep a semester at a college or recognized Institution, an undergraduate must complete, to the satisfaction of the Principal or the Head of the Institution, the course of study at the college or Institution prescribed for such semester for the class to which such undergraduate then belongs.
  • Although illness or other serious circumstances may be considered valid for the absence from lectures, tests, tutorials, the circumstances cannot condone a student for poor performance or absence from examination. Accordingly, students with poor records of academic performance will not be granted semesters.
  • Students who have not been granted semester will not be permitted to appear at the First semester / Second semester / Annual Examination conducted by the College or by the University.
To Communicate with exam dept please Email Your Queries to the following Email ID :-