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Einsteinium 99 – An Element of Physics
Einsteinium 99 – An element of Physics”, an annual Inter – Collegiate event was organized, dated 17.01.2020-18.01.2020. The programme started with inaugural address by Vice-Principal (Science) of the college, Dr. Meenakshi Vaidya. Dr. Vaidya emphasized that along with routine classroom instructional teaching, intercollegiate science tech fests are necessary to inculcate skill development, innovation, self reliance, confidence and research aptitude among the students. There were 38 exhibits during the event. 72 students from various colleges participated in the event. The event was attended by more than 350 students from various schools and colleges in Mumbai. The exhibits includeded DIY Robots (Lego Mindstorm), Rover, Van de Graaff generator, REM detector, Ruben’s tube, Home Automation, Euler’s Disc, Smart Street Light, Mendocino motor, Black Hole/Space time demonstration, Mopping Bot, Nuclear reactor model, Backflow burner, Solar powered house, Clap switch, Plasma globe, Spin art, ECG, Climbing sphere illusion, Mirascope, RFID, Focault Pendulum, Radiometer, Synthesizer, Paddle washer, Peltier effect, Hydraulic press, Lifi etc.