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Dr. (Ms.) Krutika B. Desai
I/c. Principal

  • Completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. 1985 in Microbiology from Savitribai phule Pune University 
  • Have   completed Ph.D. from department of Life Sciences, University of Mumbai. 
  • Associated with SVKM’s Mithibai College since 31 years. Joined Mithibai College in 1989 
  • Worked as Vice Principal- Research & consultancy till septemebr,2020.  
  • Worked in various committees at  The University of Mumbai and in Mithibai College
  • Elected member of  Local   Managing   Committee  of the college  under  provision  of  Section 85 (1) (d) Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 
  • Professionally associated with   Department of Life Sciences, University of Mumbai, Sunandan Divatia School of Science, NMIMS
  • Project coordinator for DBT Star college grant and FIST grant
  • Member of Board of Studies of University of Mumbai and various other autonomous college 
  • Published scientific papers in  high impact factor journals of national and international repute 
  • Guided Ph.D. students. Six students have completed the Ph.D. and some are pursuing the same
  • Have consultancy project with pharmaceutical company

    Research areas include
  • Inhibition of bacterial quorum sensing -Focusing identification of few quorum-quenching molecules which can be developed as promising molecules to overcome antibiotic resistance
  • Enzymology –Purification of enzymes, Targeted Alliinase Delivery For Inhibition of cancerous cell line 
  • Synthesis and Application of Nanoparticles – Synthesized selenium nanoparticles as promising approach for management of acute inflammatory arthritis.
  • Biofuels from microalgae- Manipulation of growth of algae to enhance biofuel production. Developed technique for fast harvesting algae from medium.
  • Filed Patent in 2018-  POTASSIUM SALT OF 2-METHOXY-4-VINYL PHENOL AND METHOD OF PREPARATION Synthesized antiquorum sensing molecule.




Dr. (Ms.) Krutika B. Desai

I/c. Principal

Ph.D., M.Sc.(Microbiology)

Ms. Gladys Albert

Vice Principal

M.Com., B.Ed.

Ms. Binda Palekar


M.Sc., B.Ed.

Ms. Dipti Mukherji


M.Sc., B.Ed.




Dr.(Ms.) Krutika B. Desai

I/c. Principal

Ph.D., M.Sc.(Microbiology).

Dr.(Ms.) Meenakshi Vaidya

Vice-Principal (Science)

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Sc.

Ms. Nilima Raval

Vice-Principal (Arts)


Dr. Bharat Patel

Vice-Principal (Commerce)

Ph.D., CA, NET, M.Phil., M.Com.

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Ms. B.C. Hemnani Registrar
2 Mr. A.S. Jadhav Sr. Stenographer
3 Mr. K.K. Mejaree Asst. Librarian
4 Mr. M.M. Bedekar Head Clerk
5 Ms. S.S. Labdhe Senior Clerk
6Ms. M.D. SawantSenior Clerk
7 Mr. P.J. Nijap Senior Clerk
8 Mr. A.A. Salvi Senior Clerk
9 Ms. V.U. Raul Senior Clerk
10 Ms. N.S. Nikam Senior Clerk
Mr. S.G. More
Ms. A.J. Vyas
Ms. S.S.  Tarkar
Ms. E.S. Samant
Ms. P.N. Dhanu
Mr. A.P. Hotkar
Mr. S.M. Devre
Mr. N.H. Joshi
Mr. P.S. Surekar
Mr. P.B. Deshmukh
Mr. V.S. Dhuri
Mr. A.C. Zarkar
Mr. N.C. Sawant
Mr. A.S. Salvi
Mr. S.N. Pujari
Mr. S.G. Sukam
Mr. S.S. Sarode
Mr. D.V. Mhapankar
Ms. K.A. Poojari
Ms. G. A. Raut
Mr. K.P. Bhosale
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Library Clerk
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
Junior Clerk
Library Clerk
Junior Clerk
32 Mr. A.S. Jadhav Lab. Assistant
33Mr. N.N. BhuptaniLab. Assistant
34 Mr. S.D. Mehta Lab. Assistant
35 Mr. N.S. Narvekar Lab. Assistant
36 Ms. L.S. Naik Lab. Assistant
37 Mr. S.B. SherlekarLab. Assistant
38 Mr. C.S. Londhe Lab. Assistant
39 Mr. R.S. Shelar Lab. Assistant
40 Mr. K.B. Patel Lab. Assistant
41 Mr. R.P. Gorule Lab. Assistant
42Mr. S.L. Desai Lab. Assistant
43 Mr. A.B. Chalke Lab. Assistant
44Mr. S.K. PawarLib. Attendant
45 Mr. A.S. Ghume Lib. Attendant
47 Mr. M.H. Pawar Lib. Attendant
48 Mr. H.C. Darane Lib. Attendant
49 Mr. K.A. Kawate Lib. Attendant
50 Mr. S.S. Yedre Lib. Attendant
51 Mr. S.R. Barve Lib. Attendant
52 Mr. H.M. Akhade Lib. Attendant
53 Mr. B.R. Garale Lib. Attendant
54 Mr. K.R. Matal Lib. Attendant
55 Mr. P.K. Nadoni Lib. Attendant

56 Mr. R.N. Pednekar Lib. Attendant
57 Mr. B.G. Bodekar Lib. Attendant
58 Mr. P. D. Kadam Lib. Attendant
60 Mr. Y.J. Mhatre Lab. Attendant
61 Mr. R.S. Pawar Lab. Attendant
62 Mr. S.R. Jangam Lab. Attendant
63 Mr. N.D. Amate Lab. Attendant
64 Mr. A.D. Warang Lib. Attendant
65 Mr. P. S. Narvekar Lib. Attendant
66 Mr. N.S. Walkoli Lib. Attendant
67 Mr. V.J. Thombare Lab. Attendant
68 Mr. S.A. Narkar Lab. Attendant
69 Mr. S.S. Kotavdekar Lab. Attendant
70 Ms. S.S. Rampurkar Lab. Attendant
71 Mr. S.V. Warkhade Lab. Attendant
72 Mr. S.T. Bane Lab. Attendant
73 Ms. H.B. Patel Lib. Attendant
74 Mr. S.S. Vengurlekar Lab. Attendant
75 Mr. R.H. Dhekane Lab. Attendant
76 Mr. P.P. Bhosale Lab. Attendant
78 Ms. P.P. Patankar Lab. Attendant
79 Mr. M.G. Kolhe Lib. Attendant
80 Mr. A.P. Kuli Lib. Attendant
81 Mr. P.V. Gavhane Lab. Attendant
82 Mr. R.V. Ambre Lab. Attendant
83 Mr. K.P. Bhuvad Lab. Attendant
84 Mr. S.L. Kokare Lab. Attendant

85 Mr. R.S. Pawar Lab. Attendant
86 Mr. M.S. Kadu Lab. Attendant
87 Mr. R.T. Joshi Lab. Attendant
88 Mr. C.S. Mengane Lab. Attendant
89 Mr. S.D. Kadam Lab. Attendant
90 Mr. M.P. Gorule Lab. Attendant
92 Mr. P.P. Chandurkar Lab. Attendant
93 Mr. S.B. Aatkire Lab. Attendant
94 Mr. R.S. Sutar Lab. Attendant
95 Mr. R.R. Chavan Lab. Attendant
96 Mr. S.B. Rapse Lab. Attendant
97 Mr. A.N. Patil Lab. Attendant
98 Mr. R.S. Chavan Lab. Attendant
99 Mr. U.R. Rathod Lab. Attendant

100 Mr. S.D. Dhanawade Lab. Attendant
120 Mr. S.S. Vadodiya Lab. Attendant
121 Mr. D.P. Jadhav Lab. Attendant
122 Mr. J.R. Makwana Lab. Attendant
123 Mr. D.S. Jadyar Lab. Attendant
124 Mr. V.R. Matal Lab. Attendant
125 Mr. S.M. Surve Lab. Attendant
126 Mr. P.V. Palkar Lab. Attendant
127 Smt. U.J. Karande Lab. Attendant
128 Mr. Lav P. Kuli Lab. Attendant
129 Mr. P.R. Gosavi Lab. Attendant
130 Mr. G.S. Jadhav Lab. Attendant
131 Mr. S.K. Pawar Lab. Attendant
132Mr. A.D. SolankiClass IV

137 Ms. M.R. Padhiyar Class IV  
138 Mr. V.C. Waghela Class IV  
140 Mr. K.S. Chavan Lab. Attendant
141 Mr. R.P. Shelar Lib. Attendant

143 Mr. A.E. Rajbhar Lab.Attendant
144 Mr. S.A. Narvekar Lab.Attendant
145 Mr. N.L. Shinde Lib. Attendant
146 Mr. S N. Kadam Lab. Attendant
147 Mr. R.N. Desai Lab. Attendant
148 Mr. M R. Kamble Lib. Attendant
149 Mr. D.R. Yadav Class IV  
150 Mr. V.H. Kundhodia Class IV  
151 Mr. P.V. Chavan Class IV  
152 Mr. D.R. Gawas Class IV  
153 Mr. A.S. Jagdale Class IV  
154 Mr. S.S. Mahadik Class IV  
155 Mr. L.V. Bagwe Class IV  
156 Mr. T.P. Bait Class IV  
157 Mr. J.D. Kale Class IV  
158 Mr. K.S. Bhatade Class IV  
159 Mr. R.P. Sawant Class IV  
160 Ms. S.B. Rathod Class IV  
161 Mr. C.C. Surve Class IV  
162 Mr. P.K. Taware Class IV  
163 Ms. Shyama P. Margalla Class IV