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Statistic Association
‘STATISTICAL NETWORK’ organised by Statistics Association

The Statistics Association organised ‘STATISTICAL NETWORK’, an event of the students, by the students and for the students on Teacher’s day 5th September 2014.
This splendid network was organised by the students of S.Y.B.Sc. It initiated immense interaction among the teachers and the organisers owing to all the work involved for designing and creating the event.
The event comprised of mini tasks along with Statistics based questions as the penalties. The students enthusiastically performed the tasks and were enthralled by the highlight of the event which was the treasure hunt.This network did not leave an inch in creating an everlasting bond between the teachers and the students.

‘STATSWOOD’ organised by Statistics Association.

This year on the 20th December 2014, the Statistics Association organised ‘STATSWOOD’, an event with a splendid ‘HATKE’ combo of Statistics and Bollywood.Coincidentally, the Traditional day and Rose day of the season were on the same day and added glitterati to the event.STATSWOOD was organised by the students of S.Y.B.Sc. It comprised of filmy videos and heart-throbbing music which are a sensation in the souls of Mumbaikars perfectly blended with the logic and application of Statistics.There was active participation from the teachers as well which initiated a spark of togetherness amongst the student organisers.The ‘actors and actresses of the Statistics Department’ enjoyed the screening of this premier “STATSWOOD”.