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Principal's Message
In the present day globalized world, India is trying to redefine the world equation in terms of population, political power, economy and volume of consumption of natural resources. Development and progress of the citizens are defined by the knowledge of youth and skilled manpower. Needless to say, education is the key factor in shaping the budding youth. Several factors have contributed to the degradation of quality of higher education system as quality of research and infrastructure, lack of accountability, lack of arousing interest in natural and social sciences as also lack of innovation. An education not driven by innovation is bereft of purpose.
Keeping this in mind, Mithibai College is striving hard to keep innovation and quality of higher education system at the forefront of curricular as also co-curricular activities. The phenomenal growth of the college in the arena of teaching and research has brought about a paradigm shift in true sense. Mithibai College has been honoured with DBT-STAR College status with a grant of 69 lakhs for popularizing science in undergraduate and school students. Not just DBT, the college is also honoured with DST-FIST, grant of Rs. 80 lakhs, as Funds for Improvement of Science and Technology. The college has been shouldering these responsibilities with the help of excellent faculty, state of art infrastructure and by infusion of new technology. The administrative office as also library is fully digitized.
This year Mithibai College has been conferred with 'BEST COLLEGE AWARD-2016- 17' by University of Mumbai. The college has also been awarded with the prestigious 'MAHARASHTRA TIMES –SAMAJIK BHAAN PURASKAR' for its contribution in Institutional Social Responsibility activities.
As per the UGC 2018 gazette on Autonomy, all colleges with NAAC CGPA more than 3.50 are to be awarded Autonomy status without onsite visit. Mithibai College with NAAC CGPA of 3.57 is at present in the process of gaining UGC concurrence for grant of Autonomous status. With this status, the college would have updated syllabus to help students adapt with the changing market scenario. Attempts are being made at making education liberal, and introducing new practices and applied research work. With the attainment of Autonomy, such developments would fulfil the very purpose of education, raising Mithibai “Higher Still and Higher”.

With Personal Regards 
Dr.Rajpal Shripat Hande
M.Sc.,M.Sc Research.,Ph.D.,F.A.Z.,F.Z.S.I
Principal Mithibai College Former Director
Board of Colleges & University Development University of Mumbai.