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Nature Club
  • Introduction
  • Committee
  • Report 2016-17
  • Report 2015-16
India is a large and diverse country. Its land area includes regions with some of the world's highest rainfall to very dry deserts, coast line to alpine regions, river deltas to tropical islands. The variety and distribution of forest vegetation is large. India is one of the 12 mega biodiverse regions of the world. Ecological issues are an integral and important part of environmental issues challenging

Nisarg Nature Club of Mithibai College was started since 2010 has always intended to enhance our understanding about the interactions between human beings and environment through various activities. Also, it aims to facilitate the development of skills for environmental protection, to promote environmental awareness among all sections of the society, to spread environment education, especially in the informal and creative manner among younger generation.

To sensitize and mobilize students's participation for preservation and conservation of environment, Nisarg Nature club organizes talks, film shows, nature orientation activities, nature trails to national parks and forests to educate the members about their beauty, diversity and the necessity to conserve the treasures of natural resources that are around us.

Students are encouraged to take up small projects and create exhibitions on various topics. Eminent environmentalists are invited to interact with the members enlightening the with their experiences through talks and workshops during the Event “Vrukshavalli” every year. There are intercollegiate competitions in Poster, Best out of waste and Slogan writing and Nature photography based on the theme declared by the UN every year to be a part of the global activity. Students also organize food court and games.

The themes celebrated in the previous years are
  • 2011 – International year of Forests
  • 2012 – International year of sustainable energy resources and conservation of Natural Resources
  • 2013 – International year of Water; THINK.EAT.SAVE. Reduce your footprint.
  • 2014 - International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Eligibility to join the Nisarg Nature Club is Student and Staff of all faculties of Junior and Degree College of Mithibai College.
List of Committee Members 2015-16
  • Dr. Sashirekha S. (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Ulka Chodankar
  • Mr. V.M. Hegde
  • Dr. Sunita Maral
  • Dr. Tushima Basak
  • Dr. Jayaprada Rao
  • Dr. Shailaja Nair
  • Dr. Bindu Gopalkrishnan
  • Dr. Yojana Desai
  • Ms. M. N. Parvatkar (Vice Chair Person)
  • Ms. Sangita Redij
  • Ms. H. M. Thakkar
  • Ms. P. R. Mayekar
  • Ms. T. Qureshi
  • Ms. J. M. Mishra
  • Ms. A. D. Pandit
  • Ms. S. M. Hule
  • Ms. Binda Shah
Report July 2016
  • 40 student members accompanied by Sashirekha and Bindu Gopalkrishnan participated in the massive Tree plantation drive organized by the Maharashtra Government Forest department and Police department at Palghar Shirgaon beach on the occasion of VANAMAHOTSAV on 1st July 2016.  10000 Casuarina trees were planted along the beach as wind breaker belt. Totally 500 people from various colleges, schools and NGOs also participated. Appreciation letter and trophy was given to the College for participation. 
  •   On 31st July 2016 A Nature trail was organized by Nature club along with Geography association to Yeoor , Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Totally 78 students were accompanied by Sashirekha, Sunita Maral, Deepesh Upadhyay, Vimla Choube, Bicheesh Balan. The group was guided through the forest by Jagdish Vakle and Rajdeo Singh. All enjoyed the serene beauty of the forest in the protected area of SGNP and observed the diversity of flora and fauna mainly various fungi and insects in action. Passing through the streams we crossed Ashok van we reached the highest point at Kanheri from where the canopy of the forest and a panoramic view of Mumbai city could be seen. Students enjoyed the walk as it was raining heavily throughout the day.

August 2015

  • 130 students from junior and degree colleges’ faculties Arts, Science and Commerce became members of the Nature club.
  • Nature trail to Upper Kanheri was organized on 2nd August 2015. The trail was attended by 47 members led by Dr. Sashirekha, Dr. Bindu, Ms. Jaya Mishra and Jagdish Vakle from Thakur College, nature advisor. 67 students of FYBcom. also joined the trail to upper Kanheri led Ms. Rashmi Desai, Dr. Sunita Maral, Mr. Deepesh Upadhyay. The group were informed about the SGNP forests, its biodiversity and the importance of the forest as a catchment for water supply to Mumbai. The route was through the forest upto the caves on the top. On the way the students were shown and told interesting facts about monsoon plants, the plant animal interactions, the landscape etc. they also had a great experience at the waterfall inside the forest.
  • The overall green cover at Aarey Colony is reducing and as a consequence, pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. Increasing the green cover by tree plantation is one of the easiest yet effective measures towards reducing this imbalance. As a step towards restocking the Aarey a tree plantation program was organised on 15th August 2015.
  • On 16th August 2015 Operation Tricolor was organized jointly with Rotract club to pickup Indian flags thrown on the roads in Andheri and Vile Parle east and west. Students collected around 700 flags which were then handed over to BMC recycling unit
  • ICC 2015  International coastal cleanup day was organised on 19th September 2015.  90  students members of Nisarg Nature club and NSS from junior and degree colleges participated in the beach cleaning organised by the Indian Coast gaurds in Juhu beach along with various other colleges and schools. This activity was done to convey the message of conservation of the natural environment specially the coasts. Teachers also accompanied the students.  The garbage collected were sorted and listed.
  • Vrukshavalli annual event was held on 18th and 19th December 2015. The theme for this year was SOILS as declared by UN. There were intercollegiate competitions of Poster, Collage, Slogan writing and Nature photographybased on the theme. 54 participants from various colleges attende and exhibited their talents. The program was flagged of by Dr. Alka Kanetkar, Vice Principal, Mithibai college. The competitions were judged by Manoj Pardesi, Photographer, Shirish Karale Photgrapher, Vidya Premkumar, Dept. of Englishand Sonali Chaterjee, Head, Dept. of Business Economics. The winners were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates.
  • A Talk was delivered by Dr. Megha S. Bhatt, Scientist, WOS, Gujarat University, on Soils and Climate change.
  • On 19th December Nature Quiz was conducted by Bicheesh Balan, Dept. of Zoology. The winners were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates.
  • A hands on workshop on Pottery was arranged on 19th December to enlighten the students on the art of pottery and get familiar with pot making. This event was the best visited by all students and staff.

Dr. Sashirekha S
Chairperson, Nisarg Nature Club