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Mithibai College has always been conscious of its role as a premier institute of higher education in the country. Central to this mission is the assurance of the standards and quality of education imparted at the college. The Internal Quality Cell (IQAC) was set up on July, 2004 to develop and direct the quality assurance function to assess compliance with laws, regulations, institutional policies and procedures.

Tasks of the IQAC
Communicate information on academic standards and quality to enhance the teaching-learning process and underpin policy-making.
Develop specific, realistic recommendations for institutional improvement where warranted.
Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the quality parameters.

List of members of IQAC

Mr. Sunandan Divatia–Management Nominee

Mr. Nilesh Mohile–Management Nominee

Dr. Rajpal Shripat Hande-Principal, Chairperson

Dr. Sashirekha Sureshkumar Coordinator

Ms. Rajeshwari A. Mirji-Vice Principal and Ex-officio member

Ms. Ramola Thangiah- Vice Principal and Ex-officio member

Dr. Anjali Patkar-Vice Principal and Ex-officio member

Dr. Nupur Mehrotra-Vice Principal and Ex-officio member

Padmashree Prof. R.V. Hosur-Expert Member, Renowned Scientist

Ms. Ashwini Bhide- Expert Member, IAS (Expert in Administration)

Captain Mihir Bhagwati- Expert Member, Industrialist

Ms. Vaishali Samant- Expert Member, Alumnus

Dr. Meena Chintamaneni-Permanent Member Advisor

Mr. Vinayak Dalvie-Member, Advisor

Dr. Geeta Narayan-Member, Advisor

Dr. Krutika Desai-Member, Advisor

Dr. Sunita Maral-Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Sara Khan-Member, Teaching staff

Dr. Anuya Warty-Member, Teaching staff

Ms. Archana Garate-Member, Librarian

Ms. Bina Hemnani-Member, Administrative Officer

Ms. Vidula Sawant-Member, Administrative Officer

Mr. Mohan Bedekar-Member, Administrative Officer

Ms. Carmel Anthony-Member, Student representative

Ms. Naisargi Shah-Member, Student representative


  • Dr. Sashirekha Suresh Kumar, IQAC coordinator, attended the presentation on RUSA 2.0 guidelines issued by MHRD, Govt. of India  organized by RUSA Cell of the University of Mumbai on 23rd May 2018 in the Convocation Hall, Fort Campus, University of Mumbai. 
  • IQAC AQAR sub committee was formed to collect and compile AQAR 2017-18. Manish Gogari and Aurora Vaz will be responsible for collecting the AQAR from Commerce, Anuya Warty and Vidya Premkumar will be responsible for collecting the AQAR from Arts, Sajid Mansoori and Kartikeyan Subbu will be responsible for collecting the AQAR from Science, Sonia Jhunjhunwala, Jason Thomas will be responsible for collecting the AQAR from Self finance departments. 
  • IQAC CAS sub committee was formed comprising of Dr. Sashirekha Sureshkumar, Dr. Krutika Desai, Ms. Sonali Chaterjee,and Ms. Nilima Raval, to verify the documents of teachers due for CAS promotions
  • 11 teachers’ CAS files due on May and August were verified and submitted online to the University. Follow up in progress.
  • One day Workshop on PBAS, API, Online process of CAS (as per new amendment in the UGC Act) & Affiliation and Continuation of courses (online process)” was organized on 26th July 2018. Dr. Krutika Desai was the Convenor and Dr. Sunita Maral was the Co-Convenor.
  • RUSA 2.0 registration done online successfully.
  • RUSA MIS Data for six years uploaded on the MHRD MIS  by Dr. Nupur Mehrotra, Mr. Arjun Birajdar and Mr. Sachin Pujari on 10th Oct 2018
  • NIRF 2019 data uploading done on 7th Dec 2018

A one-day workshop on “PBAS, API, Online Process of CAS as per new Amendments in the UGC act & Affiliation and Continuation of Courses (online)” was held on 26th July, 2018 at Juhu Jagruti Hall, Mithibai College and was organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college in association with the University of Mumbai. The workshop aimed at making the participants aware of the various norms required for career advancement and the criteria that need to be fulfilled for the same. The post-lunch session was dedicated to the online affiliation and continuation norms and targeted mainly the non-teaching staff of the participting colleges. The eminent speakers invited for the same included Dr. Sanjay Jagtap, Associate Professor, Elphinstone College, Ms. Yogini Ghare, Deputy Registrar, Academic Authorities Unit, University of Mumbai and Dr. J. K. Jadhav, Assistant Registrar at the Teacher’s Appointment and Approval Section (TAAS) (CT)/ CONCOL, University of Mumbai.
Dr. Jagtap delivered a talk on “An Insight into UGC norms, 4th Amendment in API for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) & Highlights of New UGC Notification”. He guided the participants through the different stages of career advancement as also the norms that need to be fulfilled for the same. He also gave an overview of the scrutiny of the documents substantiating the application of the eligible teacher applicants. Dr.  Jagtap further enlisted the common issues that are faced during CAS placement and also explained the solution for the same.
Ms. Yogini Ghare explained in detail, the preparation of the files required for the PBAS for Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. She pointed out that the teacher has to be responsible for their promotions and have to keep a track of the due dates and apply for the CAS promotions 3 to 6 months before the due date.
The third session of Segment I of the One-Day Workshop on ‘PBAS, API, Online Process of CAS as per New Amendments in the UGC Act’ organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Mithibai College in association with the University of Mumbai was devoted to the Online CAS Application Process. The speaker for the session was Dr J. K. Jadhav. He acquainted the teacher participants about the entire process of online application under the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) along with the Project Co-ordinator for the TAAS Online procedure, Mr Siddharth Garad.
The above two speakers also addressed the post-lunch session of the workshop on the online process for Affiliation. The participants were briefed about the procedural aspects of the Affiliation process as also how the online application for the same is to be done.
127 participants were present for the pre-lunch session and 56 participants for the post-lunch session. Both faculty members as well as the non-teaching staff actively participated in the workshop to gain clarity regarding the norms for career advancement as also for the affiliation process. The workshop was well received and the participants appreciated the efforts put in by the college for organizing it.