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Department of Statistics
Department of Statistics
  • Introduction
  • Activities
  • Staff Members
  • Students Achievements
  • Career Options
The Statistics Department of Mithibai College was established in 1979. Ever since then, the academic performance of the students is excellent. Students have achieved University ranks most of the years at T.Y.B.Sc. level.
The Department has most of the University question papers since 1980, which helps students to prepare for their University examinations.     

The Department regularly undertakes various activities to enhance the knowledge of the students in the subject. The Department displays on the notice board articles from different newspapers about the subject, articles giving information regarding jobs available, etc. In order to acquaint students with the employment opportunities and various post-graduate courses, the Department organizes seminars and talks by experts from different fields and past students who are successful in their career.

The Department also organizes ‘Statistical games’ every year to enhance the knowledge of the students with fun.
The Department has its own library to facilitate easy excess of books to the students.


The Alumni of the Department of Statistics, Mithibai College, Mr.Nahush Sathe(Fellow at Teach for India, Analyst at Baerlocher India Additives and Tarang Shah(Manager, Risk Analyst at Kotak and Mahindra Bank)   were invited to impart and share their knowledge on how statistics is applied in various fields. They spoke about their journey after graduation and the important decisions they had to take. The speakers kept the atmosphere light enough for the students to feel free to ask them any questions.
The seminar commenced by welcoming the speakers with a bouquet of flowers. The first speaker, Mr. Tarang Shah informed us about the career opportunities after M.Sc. Statistics. He explained in detail about the various application of statistics in the industry such as actuarial science, risk analysis, market analysis, valuation of a product, etc. The stage was then taken over by Mr. Nahush Sathe had a lot of gyan about the ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) entrance exams and studying opportunities abroad. They also collectively spoke about the varied starting pay packages one can get and the courses that could further increase their scope at attracting better job offers such as FRM (Financial Risk Management), CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) and other programming software such as SAS, SQL and R software which is mainly used in the industry.
There was a question answer session where the students could clear their queries. The students undoubtedly benefited from the seminar. All the questions were well answered by Mr. Tarang Shah and Mr. Nahush Sathe. The seminar guided the students in the right direction giving them a clear view of the future scenario.
On 22nd January 2016, Statistics Association organized an event on “ Application of Statistics”. The main motto of conducting this event was to give a background of the variety of applications of statistics in different fields like Finance, Marketing, Statistical Geography, Statistical Mathematics, Biostatistics, Chemo metrics, Statistical Physics, Social Statistics and the list goes on  the students who study the subject (theory + practical) but are not aware of its humungous applications outside in the real world.
Students of first year, second year and the third year actively participated in drawing this awareness to all the other students by making presentations and delivering the same. It was only with the continuous support of the teachers and the staff that the students could put in their efforts in making the presentations. The panel of judges were Dr. Ujwala Deshmukh, Mr. Chaitanya Alshi and Mr. Amrit Rajwadkar.
The judges interacted with the students by asking them questions on their presentations and The students were also judged on various skills. At the end of the event they were awarded by I/C Principal Dr. D.V.Kamat. Last but not the least the overwhelming response from the audience without whom the event would not have been successful.
The journey of this event was fascinating as all the students of the department were exposed to so many applications that indeed this will help them somewhere in their career even if they do not major in Statistics.

Objective of workshop
Statistical tools are essential part of Research activity. Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) is the statistical software which makes the statistical analysis too easy. It makes the large data analysis quickly with graphs, pictorial presentation, statistical test etc. 
Department of Statistics has organized this workshop to motivate & upgrade the Statistical knowledge of the PG students and faculty members for Research and make them familiar with statistical analysis using SPSS.

  • Theory of Statistical tools like t, F test, Chi Square, ANOVA, Cluster Analysis, Hypothesis testing etc.
  • Interactive session on varied areas of Statistics with SPSS.   
  • Practice session.

    PG students and faculties of Mithibai College
‘Statistical network’ organised by Statistics association

The Statistics Association organised ‘Statistical Network’, an event of the students, by the students and for the students on Teacher’s day 5th September 2014.
This splendid network was organised by the students of S.Y.B.Sc. It initiated immense interaction among the teachers and the organisers owing to all the work involved for designing and creating the event.
The event comprised of mini tasks along with Statistics based questions as the penalties. The students enthusiastically performed the tasks and were enthralled by the highlight of the event which was the treasure hunt. 
This network did not leave an inch in creating an everlasting bond between the teachers and the students.
  • Amrit S. RajwadkarAmrit S. RajwadkarAssociate Professor
    Head of the Department
  • Sunila U. DatarSunila U. DatarAssistant Professor
  • Daksha A. GuravDaksha A. GuravAssistant Professor
  • Raju K. LohotMr. Raju K. LohotAssistant Professor
  • Amrit S. RajwadkarAmrit S. RajwadkarAssociate Professor
    Head of the Department
  • Sunila U. DatarSunila U. DatarAssistant Professor
  • Daksha A. GuravDaksha A. GuravAssistant Professor
  • Raju K. LohotMr. Raju K. LohotAssistant Professor
  • T Y B Sc  SemVI students who scored above 90% - April 2016

Fields In Which Statistics Is Useful

  • Actuarial Science (Insurance)
  • Business Management 
  • Market Research
  • Finance /Banking
  • Operational Research
  • Derivatives/Risk Management

What After B.Sc. Statistics?

  • University Of Mumbai :   M.Sc. In Statistics, Diploma In Operations Research And Management.
  • Indian Statistical Institute (Isi) : M.Stat And Other Courses. 
  • Indian Institute Of Technology (Iit) : M.Sc. In Applied Statistics & Informatics.
  • Actuarial Science: Actuarial Society Of India, Actuarial Society Of London. 
  • International Institute For Population Sciences
    Master Of Population Studies (M.P.S.)
    Diploma In Population Studies (D.P.S.)
  • Computers
    Masters In Computers Applications (M.C.A.)
    Post Graduate Diploma In Computers Applications
  • M.A. In Econometrics
  • You Can Appear For  The Competitive Exams Conducted By The Public Service Commission Government Of India :
  • Indian Revenue Service (Irs)
  • Indian Civil Service (Ics) 
  • Indian Administrative Service (Ias)
  • Indian Foreign Service (Ifs)
  • Indian Police Service(Ips)

Research Work In Many Fields Requires Statistical Analysis For Its Completion.

Department Of Statistics

  • The Department of Statistics had 100% result at T.Y.B.Sc. University examination  for maximum number of years.
  • The   Department of Statistics is the Department in Science faculty to have produced maximum number of rank holders at T.Y.B.Sc. University Examination.