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Department of Political Science
  • Introduction
  • Staff Members
  • Activities
  • Career Options
  • Staff Achievements
  • Striking Features
  • Students’ Achievements
Department of Political Science has been one of the most active departments at Mithibai College since its inception with the college in 1961. The department does its very best to convey a holistic nature of education in the said field, covering all aspects of the topics prescribed in the syllabus as also ensuring its applicability. Through field visits and other activities, the subject comes alive to students and kindles their urge towards learning.
Over three Under Graduate years, learners study nine papers in Politics. Commonly studied as Civics or Political Science under various school boards and junior colleges, this subject is both enticing and enlightening. The students delve into concepts, approaches and ideologies to understand the basics of the subject. They also delve into the Indian Political System with a detailed study of the Indian Constitution and the intricacies of the electoral process in the country over the years. Public Administration as a paper opens avenues of understanding of our governance process and equips the learners towards issues they would face as policy makers and implementers.
By the time learners graduate, they are adept in the political process in the State of Maharashtra and the working of Local Self-Government Institutions in the State. They have also had understanding of the changing dynamics in International Relations and the working of International and Regional Organisations. Analysing political thinkers and understanding their work is also an enlightening experience for the learners. The most interesting paper offered at the Third Year is ‘Understanding Politics through Films’. The highlight of the elective is that students are taught concepts, theory and issues in Indian and world politics by screening films. This helps the students to understand the praxis involved, which is the practical applicability of the theories studied on paper. It makes them look at a medium which is commonly termed as entertainment in a whole new light.
  • Mahesh BhagwatDr. Mahesh BhagwatAssociate Professor and Head of the Department
  • Dr. Anuya WartyDr. Anuya WartyAssistant Professor
  • Mahesh BhagwatDr. Mahesh BhagwatAssociate Professor and Head of the Department
  • Dr. Anuya WartyDr. Anuya WartyAssistant Professor

1.  Field Visits and Workshops

Department of Political Science proposes to initiate a process towards setting up a Competitive Examinations Cell. There is a positive response from students. The Department has held guidance sessions by very senior and respectable officers like Dr D. B. Yedekar, Ex-Chairman, MPSC.

The Department organised a one week workshop to acquaint students to various competitive examinations in March 2018. It was well received.

The Department arranges field visits for experiential learning. This includes visits to Gram Sabhas and Panchayat Samitis which helps them to gain crucial knowledge and nuances of their working through actual interaction. One of our earlier batches actually observed the inauguration of the 36th district of Maharashtra—Palghar.

2.Curricular Activities
  • Department of Political Science has its own blog— —which publishes inputs which have come in from students.
  • Live streaming of the Annual Budget and Transform Maharashtra have been a regular feature which makes classroom analysis of policies and programmes relatable. 
  • Use of ICT, social media like WhatsApp, YouTube, TED Talks are used extensively.
  • Film screening and appreciation has been a part of the syllabus.
  • Book reviews and assignments on political cartoons have also contributed to the learning process immensely.
3.Co-Curricular Activities
  • Students with an aptitude towards research are encouraged to take up projects and participate at research meets.
  • Guest Lectures have been arranged on pertinent issues like ‘Siachen Glacier and India’s Security Challenges’.
  • ‘Digital Trust Dialogues’ was organised by the Department with experts from Google, writers and social media personalities spoke and interacted with students to make young digital users aware of threats and care for online activities. Students wrote blogs for the same and received certificates for the same from Google. 
  • Students have participated in Model Youth Parliaments, workshops and discussions at other colleges like the SIES College, Kirti College and St. Xavier’s College Autonomous. 
  • Students have attended film screenings and panel discussions at the American Center and ‘The Rivers of the Future’ at the Nehru Science Centre organised by the Columbia Global Centers, Mumbai.

4.Extension Activities
  • Department of Political Science facilitated and arranged for the Voter ID registration for staff and students. Election officers were present in the college foyer to accept the applications with required documents.
  • Dr Mahesh Bhagwat has worked extensively for children of farmers who have committed suicide. He has visited famine-affected areas with financial help. He has also been a part of a project which provides farmers in these areas with saplings as alternative forms of income.
Specialisation in the subject of Politics opens up several career opportunities. Politics (Major) prepares learners for civil services, public policy, international relations as also non-governmental activities. Students graduating with Politics have also gone on to make good use of the subject in the fields of Law, Mass Media, Journalism, Teaching, Public Relations, CSR opportunities, Event Management, Brand Building.

Dr. Mahesh Bhagwat

  • Dr Bhagwat holds a Ph. D. from the Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai. He was awarded the Ph. D. Degree in August 2013 for his research on “Drug Control Administration and Public Health- Role of Food and Drug Administration in the State of Maharashtra”.
  • He had received Faculty Development Programme Fellowship of University Grants Commission, New Delhi under the Eleventh Plan to pursue Ph.D. research.
  • Dr Bhagwat is a registered Ph. D. Guide with the University of Mumbai, and the JJTU. He presently has one registered Ph.D. student. 
  • He has published a public reference book, "Drug Control Administration and Public Health" through Sheth Publications in June 2015.
  • To date, Dr Bhagwat has published one text book on “Public Administration” and seven co-authored books and has over 40 chapters in edited books.
  • Dr Bhagwat has guided several students who have then successfully cleared various competitive examinations including the UPSC and MPSC examinations. 
  • Over the years, Dr Bhagwat has been appointed as Member of Syllabus framing committees at the University of Mumbai for the subject of Politics and Foundation Course.
  • Considering his experience and expertise in the field, Dr Bhagwat has been invited as a resource person and/or judge at various prestigious academic, research and public meets.
  • Dr Bhagwat has deep commitment towards social work and has done immense work to assist farmers during droughts. 
  • He has to his credit, several non-remunerative consultancies as well.      

Dr. Anuya Warty

  • Dr Anuya Warty was awarded her Ph. D. degree in August 2013 by the University of Mumbai for her research on “Gender and Police: A Study of the Efforts to En-Gender the Police with Special Reference to the State of Maharashtra”. She was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship for her research work.
  • Dr Warty has been a member of the IQAC for the past three years and has worked on the various programmes and activities undertaken by it. 
  • She has attended several International and National conferences and seminars and presented and published research papers on several interesting and emerging fields. Her research papers have been highly appreciated and awarded.
  • Her current areas of research have been gender issues as well as the social media.   
  • Dr Warty has written chapters in the Self-Learning Material for the MA Course in Political Science for Institute of Distance Education, University of Mumbai.
  • She has guided several undergraduate students in their research projects, which were then presented at prestigious forums, winning accolades.
  • Dr Anuya Warty has been keenly working on several innovative teaching methods and has also initiated several interesting classroom activities to liven the academic experience. 

Papers Presented:
• Presented a research paper ‘Learning to Listen to the Emerging Voices of Daughters in Cotemporary Mainstream Hindi Cinema’ at the two-day National Seminar and Film Festival of Documentaries and Short Films—Women Unheard: Silences, Dialogue and Mediation—organised by the Research Centre for Women’s Studies (RCWS) SNDT Women’s University Juhu Mumbai and ICSSR on 14-15 March 2016.
• Presented a research paper ‘Reflecting on Police in Contemporary Mainstream Hindi Cinema’ at UGC Sponsored Two-Day National Conference—Indian Cinema: Past, Present and Future—organised by the VPM’s Joshi-Bedekar College Film Society and Department of Mass Media on 8-9 March 2016.
• Research paper ‘Analysing Hashtag Debates on Social Media as Instruments of Shaping Public Opinion’ was selected was accepted for presentation in the 56th All India Political Science Conference of Indian Political Science Association (IPSA) held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (UP) held from October 25-27, 2015. (in-absentia)
• Presented a research paper ‘A Study of the Factors Influencing Online Consumer Behavior among Youth in Mumbai’, at the Confluence Master Minds Meet 2015—International Conference on ‘Emerging Business Practices in Changing Global Scenario’ organized by Global Network of Business Researchers, India in collaboration with Gaeddu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan, Gedu, Chukha, Bhutan on June 15, 2015.
• Presented a study at the Research Meet and Science Exhibition-2015 held at Mithibai College on January 15 and 16, 2015.
• Presented a research paper ‘Tracing Realism in Mainstream Hindi Cinema’ at UGC sponsored One-Day Inter-disciplinary National Conference on Hundred Years of Indian Cinema held on 12th January 2-15 organised by Departments of Political Science, History and BMM, Kirti M. Doongursee College, Mumbai.
• Presented a research paper ‘Patriarchy and Misogyny in Social Media’ which was adjudged ‘Best Paper’ at the UGC Sponsored Two-Day National Conference on Women’s Quest for Equality in India—Promises, Problems and Prospects organised by Women Development Cell, VPM’s Joshi-Bedekar College on 9th and 10th January, 2015.
• Presented a research paper ‘Vulnerability of Policewomen to Sexual Harassment and its Psychological Impact’ at the UGC sponsored Inter-disciplinary National Seminar on Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Psychological Perspective organized by the Departments of Psychology, English and Political Science, Maharshi Dayananad College on 25th January 2014.
• Presented a study at Manshodhan-IV organized by Mithibai College on 14th December 2013.

• Research paper ‘Analysing Hashtag Debates on Social Media as Instruments of Shaping Public Opinion’ was published in The Indian Journal of Political Science, Volume LXXVI, No. 3, Special Issue, July-September 2015, pp. 432-436, ISSN 0019-5510.
• Research paper ‘A Study of the Factors Influencing Online Consumer Behavior among Youth in Mumbai’, co-authored by Dr Anjali Patkar and Dr Parag Ajagaonkar published in Spark, Volume 4, Issue 2, July 2015, pp. 84-93, ISSN 2277-4866.

• Participated in the Orientation Programme conducted by the UGC Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai from November 18, 2015 to December 15, 2015 and obtained Grade ‘A’.
• Participated in the National Seminar on Political Thinkers—‘State and Power’ on August 3, 2015 at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai.
• Participated in the one-day preparatory workshop on Youth Parliament organized by Department of Students’ Welfare, University of Mumbai on 19th July 2014.
• Attended the workshop on the revised syllabus of TYBA Politics held on June 22, 2013 jointly organized by Mithibai College and the Board of Studies, University of Mumbai in Mithibai College.

• Three Research Projects for Avishkar—University of Mumbai Research Meet for students. One project selected for the second round.
• Guided 11 students for their research papers to be presented at the Research Meet 2015 organised by Mithibai College.

• 100% Ph. D. holding faculty members
• Extremely positive students’ feedback
• Strong research orientation
• Favourable Teacher : Learner Ratio
• Good collection of books in the Library
• Use of Innovative Practices of Teaching
• Catering to the needs of Advanced Learners

  • The Department boasts of 100% results at the TYBA examinations with meritorious students featuring in top three positions at the University of Mumbai.
  • Ms. Chitralekha Rathod, student of SYBA Politics (2018-2019) was selected for the prestigious Praja Foundation Fellowship from over 500 applicants across Mumbai. 
  • Four students of Politics secured internships with the India Folk in the year 2018-2019.
  • Students of SYBA Politics (2018-2019) participated in intercollegiate PowerPoint competitions at various colleges across Mumbai. 
  • Zaid Ali, student of TYBA Politics (2017-2018), and a few other students of B.Com. made a short film 'The First Attempt' which was screened at the prestigious Jio Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) 2017 in October. The short film was screened across Mumbai at Mumbai Dimensions, PVR Icon, PVR Market City, PVR Thane and PVR ECX in the presence of several illustrious filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar, Kabir Khan and Tillotama Shome. The short film was highly appreciated by all at the event. What was especially commendable was the fact that this was the only short film made by a team which was not trained at any film school and had been selected in the first attempt. The other 16 entries in the category were made by teams from film schools or had attempted to get selected at the events.
  • Students participated in the ‘Transform Maharashtra’ Challenge—a programme initiated by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr Devendra Fadnavis to bring in new ideas and vision for development of the State. 
  • Deep Raja and Mukund Raut, students of TYBA Politics (2016-2017) participated in the Model Youth Parliament organised by the Political Science Association, St. Xavier’s College Autonomous, Mumbai.
  • Mukund Raut, student of TYBA Politics (2016-2017) won the first prize at the inter-collegiate elocution competition organised by Kirti College.
  • Yamini Pant and Dhvani Sukhadia students of SYBA Politics (2014-2015) won the first prize at the inter-collegiate PowerPoint competition for students at Joshi-Bedekar College, Thane.
  • Anagha Kamath, Rishap Vats, Tanzeem Ahmed and Sara Ashraf students of TYBA Politics (2014-2015) participated in several competitions and research meets and won several prizes at prestigious festivals like Malhar, Gnaritas and research meets like Avishkar.  
  • Students of SY and TYBA Politics were invited to participate in the ‘Young India Debates’ on CNN-IBN in the run up to the 2014 elections.