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Board of Studies

List of Committee members as per Government of India Gazette dated 12th February, 2018



Head of the Department concerned (Chairman)



The entire faculty of each specialization



Two subject experts from outside the Parent University to be nominated by the Academic Council



One expert to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the college principal

Faculty of Humanities:

Subject-Name of Member

1. Gujarati-Dr. Sudha Vyas

2. Economics-Dr. Dolly Sunny

3. Sociology-Dr. Shirley George

4. Philosophy-Dr. S.G. Nigal

5. English-Dr. Shivaji Sargar

6. Psychology-Dr. Neeta Mehta

7. Hindi-Dr.Karunashankar Upadhyay

8. Political Science-Prof.Beena Khanolkar


Faculty of Science & Technology:

1.    Chemistry-Dr.A.K. Srivastava

2.    Microbiology-Dr.Aruna K.

3.    Botany-Dr.Usha Mukundan

4.    Zoology-Dr.Anita W. Jadhav

5.    Mathematics-Dr.Sanjeevani Ghadge

6.    Statistics-Dr. Santosh P. Gite

7.    Physics-Prof.Shrikrishna P. Yawale

8.    Biochemisty-Dr.Nandita Mangalore

9.    Biotechnology-Dr.Utpal S. Tatu

10. Computer Science-Dr.Sushil Kulkarni


Faculty of Commerce & Management:

1. Commerce-Dr.Arvind Dhond

2. Accountancy-Dr.Madhu Nair

3. Commercial Geography/EVS-

Dr. Prakash Dongre

4. Business Economics-

Dr.Chandrahas S. Deshpande

5. Business Law-Dr.Priya Shah

6. BMS-Mr.Navin Punjabi

7. BAF-Ms. Kavita Shah

8. BFM-Dr.Vijetha Shetty

9. BBI-Dr.Vijetha Shetty

10.BMM-Mr.Sudhakar Solomonraj


One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating to placement.



One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principal. The Chairman, Board of Studies, may with the approval of the principal of the college, co-opt.



a.Experts from outside the college whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated.



b.Other members of staff of the same faculty