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Dr. Rajpal Shripat HandeDr. Rajpal Shripat Hande

(Former, Director Board of Colleges & University Development 
University of Mumbai)

  • Former, Director, Board of College and University Development (B.C.U.D.)& International Cooperation officer of the University of Mumbai.An academic head of 57 University departments, 124 recognized research centers & 740 affiliated colleges .
  • Former Reader in Zoology V.G.Vaze College ,Mulund ., Principal of K.J.Somaiya College of Science & Commerce & N.S.S. College ,Tardeo, Mumbai.
  • And now onward Principal of Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amruthben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics
  • He has 33 years of teaching experience ,also Ph.D. Guide in Zoology, University of Mumbai. 
  • He has published research papers in National and International Journals, as well as presented research Papers at National and International conferences.
  • Recently he has published a book titles” Assessment & Accreditation ,Quality enhancement in Higher Education.
  • Former, Member secretary of BUTR,Member of Senate, Academic Council, Management Council of the University of Mumbai.
  • During his tenure as Director BCUD 17 colleges and University departments granted Autonomy.He is instrumental in establishing 2 Model colleges sponsored by MHRD ,prestigious Confucius Institute sponsored by Republic of China .
  • University’s Thane subcampus ,Kalyan Center ,7 acquiring 26 acres &5 acres of land for Subcampus at Sindhudurg & for Sindhu Swadhyay Sanstha,
  • Government of Maharashtra has signed an MOU with ILLINOIS University US, Prin. Dr. Rajpal Hande was appointed as Liaison Officer on behalf of University of Mumbai. 
  • He has been nominated by Government of Maharashtra to participate in the Workshop titled “A Multidisciplinary approach to  University leader development” organized by Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, during 29th July to 5th August, 2012.
  • He has lead the delegation of Principals/Directors of Institutes to visit leading Universities in China and signed MOU with 3 top Universities in China for academic co-operations. 
  • He has initiated many International Collaborations and developmental schemes to College teachers and students.
  • He has participated in World Education Leader’s Forum at World Culture Camp, South Korea in the month of July, 2013.
  • He has been appointed as UGC nominee on various autonomous Institutes.
  • He is University nominee on the Board of Management  of St.Xaviers College ,Autonomous.
  • He has participated in Management Development programme on “Leadership in Higher Education-for leaders of Universities in India at Indian Institute of Management Kozekode.
  • Trained National Assessor of National Assessment & Accreditation council autonomous body of UGC, Govt. of India.He is a NAAC PEEAR team member since 1998 and  assessed many colleges all over the country . He was resource person for NAAC guidance (157 presentations)  to various colleges all over Maharashtra leading to Quality movement in the state.Vaze college ,Mulund was the first in Maharashtra to get NAAC accreditation with 5 star in 1998, Dr.Hande was the Chairman of the Steering committee .  Under his leadership as a Principal K.J.Somaiya College of Science & Commerce College awarded ‘A’ grade in 2004,.University of Mumbai’s Reaccreditation was pending for 11 years .Under his guidance as Director  BCUD University of Mumbai has been awarded “A’ grade in 2012. 
  • He was Chief organizer of 73rd Session of Indian History Congress at the University attended by 2000 delegates from all over the country, recently on 28-30 December, 2012.
  • He was Local Organizing Secretary of 102nd Indian Science Congress held from 3rd January to 7th January, 2015 hosted by University of Mumbai after 54 years, attended by 16000 delegates, 10 Nobel Laureates and Equivalent, inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Hon’ble Narendra Modiji and other dignitaries.  
  • He was a key person in organizing the visits of World leaders such as His Holiness Dalai Lama and First lady of United States of America Michel Obama, academic leaders as  President of Harvard University Professor Drew Faust, Nobel Laureate in Physics  Dr. Kurt Wuthrich, & other 11 Nobel Laureates.President of Tianjin University of Technology Prof. Gianbio Ma, to the University of Mumbai.
  • Member of Association / Research Societies :
  • Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association 
  • Fellow of Academy of Zoology ( International)
  • Fellow of Zoological Society of India.




Dr.Rajpal Shripat Hande





Mrs.Swapna S.Durve

Vice - Principal


Dr (Ms). Harini D.Chouta




M.Sc., D.H.E., Ph.D, MSACIT

Mrs.Binda Palekar


M.Sc., B.Ed., MSACIT

Ms.Bina M. Mathew



Dr.Rajpal Shripat Hande
Dr.(Ms.) Anjali Patkar
Ms. Rajeshwari Mirji
Mrs. Ramola Thangiah
Vice - Principal
M.A.(Industrial Psychology), M.Phil, D.H.E.
Dr. (Ms.) Nupur Mehrotra
Vice Principal (Self - Financed Section)
M.Sc, Ph.D.
Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Ms. B.C. Hemnani Registrar
2 Mr. A.S. Jadhav Sr. Stenographer
3 Mr. K.K. Mejaree Asst. Librarian
4 Mr. M.M. Bedekar Senior Clerk
5 Mr. S.B. Hire Senior Clerk
6 Mr. R.S. Hanwate Senior Clerk
7Mr. Y.K. Bhokte Senior Clerk
8 Mr. A.S. Jadhav Lab. Assistant
9 Mr. N.N. Bhuptani Lab. Assistant
10 Mr. S.D. Mehta Lab. Assistant
11 Ms. S.S. Labdhe Library Clerk
12 Mr. S.S. Pantoji Lab. Assistant
13 Smt. M.D. Sawant Library Clerk
14 Ms. K.M. Pawar Junior Clerk
15 Mr. S.B. Sherlekar Lab. Assistant
16 Mr. P.J. Nijap Junior Clerk
17 Mr. A.A. Salvi Junior Clerk
18 Ms. V.U. Raul Junior Clerk
19 Ms. N.S. Nikam Junior Clerk
20 Mr. S.G. More Library Clerk
21 Ms. A.J. Vyas Junior Clerk
22 Ms. S.S.  Tarkar Junior Clerk
23 Ms. E.S. Samant Junior Clerk
24 Ms. P.N. Dhanu Library Clerk
25 Mr. A.P. Hotkar Library Clerk
26 Mr. S.M. Devre Junior Clerk
27 Mr. N.H. Joshi Library Clerk
28 Mr. P.S. Surekar Junior Clerk
29 Mr. P.B. Deshmukh Library Clerk
30 Mr. V.S. Dhuri Junior Clerk
31 Mr. A.C. Zarkar Junior Clerk
32 Mr. N.C. Sawant Junior Clerk
33 Mr. A.S. Salvi Junior Clerk
34 Mr. S.N. Pujari Junior Clerk
35 Mr. S.G. Sukam Junior Clerk
36 Mr. S.S. Sarode Library Clerk
37 Mr. D.V. Mhapankar Junior Clerk
38 Mr. A.B. Chalke Lab. Assistant
39 Ms. K.A. Poojari Junior Clerk
40 Ms. G. A. Raut Library Clerk
45 Mr. N.S. Narvekar Lab. Assistant
46 Ms. L.S. Naik Lab. Assistant
47 Mr. V.S. Kadu Lab. Assistant
48 Mr. C.S. Londhe Lab. Assistant
49 Mr. R.S. Shelar Lab. Assistant
50 Mr. K.B. Patel Lab. Assistant
51 Mr. R.P. Gorule Lab. Assistant
52 Mr. S.L. Desai Lab. Assistant
53 Mr. S.S. Khandagale Lib. Attendant
54 Mr. R.B. Jadhav Lib. Attendant
55 Mr. P.W. Pawar Lib. Attendant
56 Mr. S.K. Pawar Lib. Attendant
57 Mr. A.S. Ghume Lib. Attendant
58 Mr. A.L. Sable Lib. Attendant
59 Mr. M.H. Pawar Lib. Attendant
60 Mr. H.C. Darane Lib. Attendant
61 Mr. K.A. Kawate Lib. Attendant
62 Mr. S.S. Yedre Lib. Attendant
63 Mr. S.R. Barve Lib. Attendant
64 Mr. H.M. Akhade Lib. Attendant
65 Mr. B.R. Garale Lib. Attendant
66 Mr. K.R. Matal Lib. Attendant
67 Mr. P.K. Nadoni Lib. Attendant
68 Mr. S.B. Ghadge Lib. Attendant
69 Mr. R.N. Pednekar Lib. Attendant
70 Mr. B.G. Bodekar Lib. Attendant
71 Mr. P. D. Kadam Lib. Attendant
72 Mr. K.P. Bhosale Junior Clerk
73 Mr. Y.J. Mhatre Lab. Attendant
74 Mr. R.S. Pawar Lab. Attendant
75 Mr. S.R. Jangam Lab. Attendant
76 Mr. N.D. Amate Lab. Attendant
77 Mr. A.D. Warang Lib. Attendant
78 Mr. P. S. Narvekar Lib. Attendant
79 Mr. N.S. Walkoli Lib. Attendant
80 Mr. V.J. Thombare Lab. Attendant
81 Mr. S.A. Narkar Lab. Attendant
82 Mr. S.S. Kotavdekar Lab. Attendant
83 Ms. S.S. Rampurkar Lab. Attendant
84 Mr. S.V. Warkhade Lab. Attendant
85 Mr. S.T. Bane Lab. Attendant
86 Ms. H.B. Patel Lib. Attendant
87 Mr. S.S. Vengurlekar Lab. Attendant
88 Mr. R.H. Dhekane Lab. Attendant
89 Mr. P.P. Bhosale Lab. Attendant
90 Mr. V.V. Bendukle Lab. Attendant
91 Ms. P.P. Patankar Lab. Attendant
92 Mr. M.G. Kolhe Lib. Attendant
93 Mr. A.P. Kuli Lib. Attendant
94 Mr. P.V. Gavhane Lab. Attendant
95 Mr. R.V. Ambre Lab. Attendant
96 Mr. K.P. Bhuvad Lab. Attendant
97 Mr. S.L. Kokare Lab. Attendant
98 Mr. A.S. Paranjape Lab. Attendant
99 Mr. A.Y. Pujari Lab. Attendant
100 Mr. D.S. Chavan Lab. Attendant
101 Mr. A.L. Sawant Lab. Attendant
102 Mr. S.B. Phape Lab. Attendant
103 Mr. R.S. Pawar Lab. Attendant
104 Mr. M.S. Kadu Lab. Attendant
105 Mr. R.T. Joshi Lab. Attendant
106 Mr. C.S. Mengane Lab. Attendant
107 Mr. S.D. Kadam Lab. Attendant
108 Mr. M.P. Gorule Lab. Attendant
109 Mr. P.G. Dudhawade Lab. Attendant
110 Mr. P.P. Chandurkar Lab. Attendant
111 Mr. S.B. Aatkire Lab. Attendant
112 Mr. R.S. Sutar Lab. Attendant
113 Mr. R.R. Chavan Lab. Attendant
114 Mr. S.B. Rapse Lab. Attendant
115 Mr. A.N. Patil Lab. Attendant
116 Mr. R.S. Chavan Lab. Attendant
117 Mr. U.R. Rathod Lab. Attendant
118 Mr. A.S. Humbe Lab. Attendant
119 Mr. S.D. Dhanawade Lab. Attendant
120 Mr. S.S. Vadodiya Lab. Attendant
121 Mr. D.P. Jadhav Lab. Attendant
122 Mr. J.R. Makwana Lab. Attendant
123 Mr. D.S. Jadyar Lab. Attendant
124 Mr. V.R. Matal Lab. Attendant
125 Mr. S.M. Surve Lab. Attendant
126 Mr. P.V. Palkar Lab. Attendant
127 Smt. U.J. Karande Lab. Attendant
128 Mr. Lav P. Kuli Lab. Attendant
129 Mr. P.R. Gosavi Lab. Attendant
130 Mr. G.S. Jadhav Lab. Attendant
131 Mr. A.P. Dalal Class IV  
132 Mr. A.S. More Class IV  
133 Mr. K.D. Jadhav Class IV  
134 Mr. R.S. Pagare Class IV  
135 Mr. A.D. Solanki Class IV  
136 Mr. S.K. Pawar Lab. Attendant
137 Ms. M.R. Padhiyar Class IV  
138 Mr. V.C. Waghela Class IV  
139 Smt. K.K. Darde Class IV  
140 Mr. K.S. Chavan Lab. Attendant
141 Mr. R.P. Shelar Lib. Attendant
142 Mr. A.K. Kudalkar Lab.Attendant
143 Mr. A.E. Rajbhar Lab.Attendant
144 Mr. S.A. Narvekar Lab.Attendant
145 Mr. N.L. Shinde Lib. Attendant
146 Mr. S N. Kadam Lab. Attendant
147 Mr. R.N. Desai Lab. Attendant
148 Mr. M R. Kamble Lib. Attendant
149 Mr. D.R. Yadav Class IV  
150 Mr. V.H. Kundhodia Class IV  
151 Mr. P.V. Chavan Class IV  
152 Mr. D.R. Gawas Class IV  
153 Mr. A.S. Jagdale Class IV  
154 Mr. S.S. Mahadik Class IV  
155 Mr. L.V. Bagwe Class IV  
156 Mr. T.P. Bait Class IV  
157 Mr. J.D. Kale Class IV  
158 Mr. K.S. Bhatade Class IV  
159 Mr. R.P. Sawant Class IV  
160 Ms. S.B. Rathod Class IV  
161 Mr. C.C. Surve Class IV  
162 Mr. P.K. Taware Class IV  
163 Ms. Shyama P. Margalla Class IV